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Mitsubishi D1650FD  w/4ft loader 4x4 4cyl             $8475


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"F7D" 23 Hp 4x4 w/4ft bucket   Ez on/off  auto tilt                 $7975        "F15"  20 Hp w/4ft bucket  low hours                                            SOLD                    "F215D" 26Hp, 4x4, auto tilt, power steering                              $9475               YM2010 25Hp w/5ft loader and Backhoe                                    $9975                  Ke4D  18Hp 4x4 w/ loader and factory tiller  auto tilt              $7675                FX175D  21 Hp 4x4 Power Shift w/loader and auto tilt 3pt       $8675                             



​("Powershift" or shuttle shift is shifting without a clutch. Powershift is more reliable than hydrostatic shifting because it doesn't use a separate hydraulic motor to change the gears.  You get the same result without the many complex parts of the hydrostatic shift. And - no loss of Hp with Powershift!!)

Iseki Landhope 180F 4x4   with new 5ft Loader and Backhoe

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Mitsubishi MT146D  19Hp  diesel 4x4     SOLD

Mitsubishi MT170D 4x4 21 Hp w/new loader, ROP, auto tilt  SORRY SOLD

Need a special tractor (without loader, with scraper, etc.) let us know and we will get what you want!

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Shibaura P21F 4x4 ​ 28 Hp w/ 5 ft bucket, ROP,  auto tilt set up, quick turn 4wd

Used Compact Tractors For Sale

We thoughtfully search for quality used compact tractors to bring to you. These aren't YNM or some of the Mitsubishi's that were disassembled in Vietnam, painted and brought to the US to be sold as "reconditioned or refurbished". These are grade A used tractors.

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